The Nigeria Breakdance Sport Federation is primarily, to grow further the art of dancing by scouting for talents through exhibitions,and transformng the art into a sport which shall be competed for, by different categories of individuals at local,state, national and international sporting competitions.



power moves

Break dancing originated in New York City during the late 1960s and early '70s, incorporating moves from a variety of sources, including martial arts and gymnastics. Break dancing is largely improvisational, made up of variations of “standard” moves or steps, including freezes, powermoves, downrock, and toprock.
Break dancing, also called breaking and B-boying, energetic form of dance, fashioned and popularized by African Americans and Latinos, that includes stylized footwork and athletic moves such as back spins or head spins
Some say the breaking we know today started as a way for rival street gangs to settle disputes. Dancers from each gang would show off their moves, and the one with the most innovative and complex moves was determined to be the winner